Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spellcheck for Signwriters?! - Random # 1

This is a first - and hopefully the first of many.

You see, I want to keep in touch with you a little more regularly than my weekly (okay, almost weekly) recipes that I blog about.  I may have mentioned before that I am totally in awe of those bloggers who manage to churn out a blog a day all beautifully written, complete with gorgeous photos.  But I'm a bit of a slow-poke, and a fuss-pot to boot, so it literally takes me all week to get my posts done to a stage where I am happy to release them to you.

But in between times, I think of you all often, and have random little things I'd like to share with you.  So, I thought, why don't I just do that - share those random things with you on a more regular basis.  Maybe it will just be a photograph I like, or a quotation that inspires me, maybe a new product I've discovered, or maybe a quick and easy meal idea that doesn't need a full-blown recipe - you beginning to get the idea?

So here is the first - a photo taken of a sign at my local butcher shop that makes me chuckle everytime I see it.  The signwriter really needs help with his spelling - how many spelling mistakes can you spot?

Peter Timbs Sign

Hope you're having a great day - if not, hopefully, this will at least make you smile :-)


  1. I am really thrilled to hear you'll be posting more often, especially having seen what you came up with today. I loved this! I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. I counted 3. 4 if you count 2 spelling errors in one word as twice. Cheery, butteflyed, glutten.

    I'd like to think these were simply tie-poes, but they are probably myssteaks.

  3. Mary & Dave
    Thanks for visiting - isn't it hilarious. Dave you counted exactly right. I just love the visual images these "myssteaks" (clever, Dave) conjure up - I can just imagine "cheery" sausages!

  4. I was browsing through your site. This article attracted my attention and I just had to come read more.

    One would think that if something is going to be visible to the public special care would be taken when it comes to spelling. This is something that one finds all over the world. In South Africa we have 11 official languages so you can just imagine some of the hilarious signs we get to see.

  5. Arnold - I've heard that the signwriter who did this sign is notorious for his bad spelling - don't understand the client, that is the butcher, not wanting it to be put right though. Maybe, because it's so bad, he kept it as a joke. Wow, 11 languages - I can just imagine that leading to a bit of hilarious and sometimes ambiguous signage. Thanks for visiting me.


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