Sunday, June 28, 2009

You have to begin somewhere

As the title of this post suggests, you have to begin somewhere, but as with any new project or venture it is often so hard to know where exactly to begin. I have a vision of what I think I want to do with this blog, what I want it to say, and what I want it to do for you - and for me - but where and how to start?

Note to self ... practice what you preach! I am reminded that one of the regular messages we give to our students. Whether they be new students wanting to begin a yoga practice, or regular students wanting to begin to develop a new area or their practice, or maybe make some significant changes in their lives, the message is always the same - just start. It doesn't matter where; it doesn't matter how; it doesn't matter how small or humble the beginnings ... just start. The same advice my partner gave me when I talked about my ideas for this blog last night .... just start.

So this is it - the start - my first post. And a very humble one at that - not even a photo to share with you yet.

Through this blog I hope to share with you my love of yoga (and what my practice means to me), my passion for food (and share with you some of my food ethos and recipes), and the unfolding of my efforts to live more consciously and more mindfully.