Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pan Fried Tarakihi with Green Chilli Noodle Salad

Pan Fried Tarakihi with Green Chilli Noodle Salad 1

Some of you might recall that when I put up last week's post for this fabulous Salmon with Mango, Edamame & Pink Grapefruit Salad, I was waxing lyrical about the latest summer issue of Donna Hay magazine.  Now, I'm the first person to admit that I will often buy a foodie magazine such as this, spend hours reading it cover to cover, and then, often as not, actually end up making nothing from it.  Not so this issue.  I have already made several dishes, and have several more bookmarked.  Although this is the summer issue, there is plenty on offer here that will still be perfect now that we're drifting into slightly cooler autumnal weather.  In fact, I recommend buying this issue for the Beetroot Salmon Gravlax with Tahini Flatbread alone - soooooo ridiculously good (and ridiculously easy to make), I've made it three times in the last two weeks - I just can't get enough of it.  Seriously, as soon as you've finished reading this post, rush out and buy a copy before they're all gone.  If you live in Australia or New Zealand, it's a pretty small investment, and well worth every penny.  A bit more extravagant, I know, if you live in the northern hemisphere, but if you have an iPad you can get it online for a fraction of the price.  And, don't just take my word for it ... ask Sidewalk Shoes ... Pam reckons it's worth every pixel too.

Anyway, all of that was a very round about way of telling you that when it came to choosing a recipe for this week's theme of "Noodles, Noodles, Everywhere!", this magazine was the first place I turned.  Actually, not just in this mag, but in her vast array of books, Donna has so many noodle dishes on offer that it was hard to choose.  Broaden the scope of that to include pasta as well, and you'll find that she literally has dozens and dozens of quick and easy, yet inspiring, dishes to tempt your tastebuds.

Still, I'm digressing a little again .. back to the "issue" at hand (ok, I know that was bad - really, really bad - but I just couldn't resist).  I happened to have a nice piece of fresh tarakihi on hand, so I wanted something "noodley" to accompany it.  Donna's crispy skinned fish and green chilli noodle salad seemed perfect.

I'm not going to reproduce the recipe here exactly, as I didn't make any changes to it, and actually you really don't need to be too attached to specific quantities here.   Begin by putting some rice vermicelli noodles in a bowl and covering with boiling water, allowing to stand until the noodles are soft (about 5 minutes).  Drain and refresh under cold water.  Mix together fish sauce, lime juice, caster sugar and chopped green chillies (leave seeds in or remove according to your tastes) - taste and adjust according to the salty, sour, sweet, and hot balance that suits your palate.  Using a peeler, shred carrot and telegraph cucumber into long, thin ribbons.  Add vegetables and noodles to the bowl of dressing and toss everything well to combine.  Pan fry fish in a little peanut oil until cooked through.  Arrange noodle salad in serving bowls, top with the fish, and sprinkle over chopped salted peanuts and fresh, chopped coriander.  (You can find the original recipe on page 39 of the magazine.)  Great flavours, great textures - definitely a make again dish.

Pan Fried Tarakihi with Green Chilli Noodle Salad 2

If you would like to get to know Donna Hay a little better, and to see all the fabulous noodle dishes my friends have come up with, then do go visit I Heart Cooking Clubs and check out the links.

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  1. I haven't bought a Donna Hay magazine in ages -- not because I haven't wanted to but because my food magazine collection is spilling out of the bookcases and onto the floor. But I might just have to get this one. As usual, your photos are beautiful, and make me just want to dive into the plate.

  2. This looks fabulous Sue! I love all of the flavors and colors--I want to try it with some local fish. I am keeping my eyes peeled for that issue. The bookstore that carries it hear still has the one before it (#72) in stock. I think they get here a few weeks after they hit the stand there. ;-)

  3. Wow! That looks fantastic! Like Deb said: love the flavors and the colors.

  4. This dish looks so fresh and delicious! Donna Hay's magazines are not easily available, only in selected stores, and they are not cheap either! Not all bookstores carry her books too!
    Lovely noodle dish, Sue!

  5. Sounds like a simple but delicious dish!

    Enjoy your weekend cooking!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  6. I don't normally check out magazines on the racks since I already have a few subscriptions, but I did notice the other day that Donna's Christmas issue was still available. I'll have to take a look at the summer issue since it seems to have so many wonderful recipes like the one you've made here with some of my favourite Thai inspired flavours.

  7. H, Sue. I've missed you! I need to get my act together and cook with Donna Hay before this run is over.
    This whole plate looks fabulous! I like the sound of "crispy skinned fish."


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